Building collapse at the Synagogue Church of all Nation, Nigeria.

Building collapse has been a reoccurring issue in Nigeria. The trend pattern is on the increase now compared to the trends some 30 years back. This is because there have been about 60 recorded cases over the last 13 years as compared to about 80 recorded cases over the past 39 years as presented by Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB). This is a rather alarming statistic, considering alongside that many building collapses would have passed the statistician’s knowledge.

If you follow the news in Nigeria, the most recent building collapse was on Friday September 12th 2014, a 3-floor Synagogue building which  was under construction to become 6 floors, collapsed, killing 40 people, leaving 123 injured (still counting) at T.B Joshua‘s Synagogue Church of all Nations in Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria. It was a very tragic incident. The collapsed building was a guest house, people were living in it and work was going on as well. Construction as large as converting a 3-storey building to a 6-storey building in progress, and there were occupants in same building. How unthoughtful.

Building collapse at the Synagogue church of all Nation

Building collapse at the Synagogue church of all Nation

In fairness, building and structural collapse is not an all-Nigerian-phenomenon as insiders may want to believe. There have been more serious cases with higher casualties in some other countries, but the frequency with which Nigeria’s cases occur is in that place of its own.

I would say the most tragic has been that of Bangladesh, on the 24th of April, 2013, when a huge garment factory collapsed. Over 800 people died.

Bangladesh building collapse – garment workers attempt to flee


Bangladesh garment building factory collapse

The Dar es Salaam building collapse occurred during the early hours of Good friday on 29 March 2013 when a 16 floor residential apartment building collapsed on a nearby mosque compound trapping over 60 under the rubble.


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


Building collapse in central Rio

These are a few of the major building collapses that have happened in other countries over the years.

Building collapses recorded in Nigeria have been blamed on several factors such as structural design defects, sub-standard building materials, improper concreting, non-conformance to standards, poor/bad construction practices and lack of qualified supervision and non enforcement of building regulations at the Construction/Handing over stage. Some of these factors and other ones like illegal conversion of buildings which often lead to structural deficiencies, flagrant disobedience of town planning regulations by developers/landlords, the compromising attitude of some workers of the town planning authority and lack of sanctions against erring professionals and landlords at the Post-Construction Development stage.

Various professionals in the building industry have made suggestions over the years which found their way into the regulating laws and penal codes with a view to achieving the desired effects and some governments have gone further by establishing support agencies like building materials testing agencies, building structures audit agencies, building control agencies and research institutes to provide constant source of new knowledge in the building industry. All of these have been done to achieve the desired aim of reversing the upward trend of building and structural collapse. But where does the country still find itself? 

I am deviating from my topic….i know. So back to my topic, who do we really blame? The owner? The engineer? The government? The laborers? Of course, i didn’t include the Architect. We shouldn’t be blamed at all, or should we?

I would really love to here your thoughts on this.

Meanwhile, Synagogue church of all Nation, SCOAN, has told us who they blame for their own building collapse. Below is a video released by the church on their TV station, Emmanuel TV, telling us who really is to blame for the collapse. A “Strange aircraft” that flew over the building four times prior to the collapse. Really??? I trust my fellow Nigerian’s to believe this and link this to some spiritual forces. Watch the video below, and let me also know what you think.

Do you see how the building collapsed in just seconds?

  1. Zubi says:

    Govt gets all d blame…….they should b proactive joor


  2. Lady P says:

    It’s so unfortunate that so many lives were lost. We should value the lives of people more in this country. The church, the guests, the govt, the workers, we all have a part to play and definitely some people need to give an explanation. It hurts when accidents that could have been easily avoided happen and cause much havoc. I really wonder…didn’t the building show any signs?


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