Architecture and Music

Posted: September 19, 2014 by Chynnie in Architecture
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I am yet to meet that Architect who doesn’t love music. Its typical of us Architects to listen to music, especially while we work. This is a habit we all built from the studio back in school of Architecture, where we could be for about 12 straight hours or more, sometimes for days trying to meet jury deadlines. Music was such an integral part of the studio, and i can say is an integral part of every architects life. I think it was the music we played in the studio that kept us sane. I also think music helps us focus on concepts in our design, at least it does for me. I find it hard to got through the design process without music, and the music varies from jazz, rhythms and blues, hip-hop, rock (i love rock), etc. The music i listen to depends on which stage of the design process i am in at that point, and when i am not designing, the music i listen to depend on my mood. I have different playlist for this different moments.

I also think there is this connection between Architecture and Music. Italian illustrator Federico Babina said “Music and architecture are intimately joined by a cosmic connection. They both are generated by an underlying code, an order revealed by mathematics and geometry“. Federico Babina’s released his latest series of : Archimusic, architectural representations of 27 songs, from Miles Davis to Michael Jackson to Amy Winehouse. Quite an interesting .

It is also interesting to know that when comparing Architecture and Music, they both have the same components and elements. The art of music consists of the composer, the listener and the musical work while the architectural design process consist of the designer, the user and the architectural work. If we recognize the literal meaning of architecture, we will find that, the same emotion case –as in music- affect a person who uses his talents to translate this emotion producing sketches or creating 3D models. The success of the architectural works depends on many factors including Depth of study,Full analysis, Cultural grade and reaching top aesthetics of formation through designer’s ability of creation & innovation. The architectural work is similar to the musical work as both contain the same mixture of rhythm, unity, variety and harmony. I guess the comparison between Architecture and music should be a topic for another day.

I was asked what were my three best songs, and i have been thinking about this for days. I cant come up with three (disappointing i know), i could be that indecisive. I think it’s because i listen to all kinds of music and there are so many i love so i really cant narrow it to just three, but i know the rock genre always comes first, be it christian rock, naija rock, rock in different languages i love. Soft rock i mean, and not the hard/metallic rock, i do not like alternative rock too, they are so harsh and sounds devilish. The singers themselves looks devilish.

I would share my present playlist (what i am listening to right now) in no particular order:

  1. All of me – John Legend
  2. Final Masquerade – Linkin Park
  3. Take it to the head – Dj Khaleed, Chris brown, Rick Ross, Nicky and Lil Wayne
  4. A million miles away – Rihanna
  5. Drunk in love – Beyonce
  6. A sky full of stars – Cold Play
  7. Girlie ‘O’ – Patoranking and Tiwa Savage
  8. Play hard – David Guetta, Akon and Neyo
  9. Pretty hurts – Beyonce
  10. Cant remember to forget you – Shakira and Rihanna
  11. I also listen to all of Frank Edwards everyday

These are not my best songs. Just songs you would find on my playlist right now.

I would love to know how you relate with music whether you are an Architect or not. You could also tell one song on your playlist now.

  1. Simon Obidigbo says:

    Music is like my imaginary friend, cuz it helps me thru rough times in life. I’m pretty comfy with it & can always put my fav song on “repeat” all the time.

    One of the songs on my playlist would be Girlie O Remix, pretty cool new song + the beat is tight, listening to it now…Lol!


  2. It was very interesting — for about 3/4 of the post, then for me, it lost my interest. Perhaps because it seemed a little wordy or maybe you lost the emotion that you had going in it.. I’m not sure why, but that is just my humble opinion.


  3. Lady P says:

    Music n Architecture are definitely related. Music helps maintain sanity and also the creative mantra. I love the concept of this post but I got lost at some point.


  4. @CHYNNIE: Architecture and Music is like Batman and Robin that work hand-in-hand giving off a massive combo. No wonder we also make awesome musicians in our bathrooms*lol* or in the spotlight like “El Dee the Don” or Obie Runz to name a few.
    Personally music is what I can’t do without especially to ease off my mental blocks. I know work and the stresses of life barely give such ample opportunities to listen the way we would like but it’s a habit I tell every architect to binge on with no apologies. Another very #interesting article I must say…


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