Myths #1 – Architects make lots of money

Posted: October 25, 2014 by Chynnie in Architecture, Myths Vs Realities
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mywealthembassy.com2It is a general believe that Architects make lots of money, but this is just one of the so many myths about architecture which i would be treating under the myths versus reality category. In reality, this isn’t true, the bulk of architects do not make lots of money. Architects always get lumped with doctors and lawyers, maybe this is because for all three professionals, the extent and intensity of education is relatively lengthy and costly, but that isn’t the same with the salaries. Doctors earn a considerable high sum of money. A graduate doctor, during his housemanship earns about N120k monthly or more, this is even before the national youth service programme, and when they become resident doctors they earn way more than that N120k, not to talk of when they eventually become actual doctors. There are a few architects who make a comparable salary, very very few of them. A graduate/intern architect earns between N60k to N80k monthly (some architects earn way less) while a graduate banker earns between N170k to N200k monthly. It would take the average architect (registered) to work for about 5 to 7 years to earn that.

In most cases, you find that most architects do not complain because they love what they do. They are passionate about architecture and are not motivated by the money. Some other Architects can’t just stand this and then quit and move to some other profession. I know about 4 Architects who have moved to banking. I don’t blame them, the amount of time and energy we put in architecture, we should be highly compensated. Then we also have architects who love architecture and wont want to quit, so they look for other source of income. Some go into real estate, some invest in businesses and still practice architecture, thereby making the much wanted money and still doing what they love most – Architecture. Personally, i intend to branch into interior decoration. I do lots of interior design already so why not expand by having an outlet that actually provides all kinds of interior outfit. I am sure this would bring the much needed money architecture doesn’t, while still practicing architecture i love.

All this being said, its really frustrating when one combines the amount of training received, hours/week worked and the liability we assume and yet still our compensation is really low. Why are architects salary so low? Are we, as a profession, simply bad at demanding a reasonable compensation for our services? I know we have our NIA professional fees that is meant to guide us, but how many architects use that?

  1. Diem says:

    Interior decoration is an aspect of architecture so don’t think you’re branching off. As for me, i’m so passionate about architecture, the sound of the word ‘architecture’ tickles me. I think the passion we have for the profession is the reason why we’re not well paid.


  2. Diem says:

    90% of doctors are not passionate about what they do hence u see laxity in Govt. owned hospitals.


  3. […] Don’t be deceived by the myth “Architects are very expensive, i cant use one”. Plan to use an Architect from the beginning and all through your project, you would never regret it. Look at the best projects, they are being Designed by Architects and don’t get the impression that Architects are only for large projects. This was discussed in my post Myths #2 – Architects are for large complex projects. You can also read Myths #1 – Architects make lots of money. […]


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