Myths #2 – Architects are for large complex projects

Posted: November 19, 2014 by Chynnie in Architecture, Myths Vs Realities
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So many people think that its only when you want to embark on a project like a sky scrapper, a very complex building, or a commercial building that you need an Architect. It is generally believed that you need an Architect for large expensive projects,  but when it comes to small projects, you say oh i know exactly what i want, why hire an Architect? In summary people believe you don’t need an Architect when embarking on a small project. This is a big myth. The fact is you need an Architect even for those very tiny spaces you think you can easily put together. What you never know is that the smaller the project, the more challenging it is. Those projects you term small are the projects that really does need a thoughtful design. The smaller the project, the more the need for the expertise and guidance of an experienced architect. Every building, big or small needs an architect. Every project regardless of size and complexity needs a thoughtful design.

Architects don’t merely design, they create environments, inside and out, spaces that function well, that define you and how you like to live and work. Architects produce inspired solutions to often complex residential and commercial needs. Creative thinking, attention to detail and functional performance underpin everything an architect does.

The smaller the project, the more the design problems and Architects are creative and problem solvers. Architects turn design problems into advantages, limitations into design parameters. Architects would save you time and money. Architects would help you make right decisions. After talking with an architect, many people are surprised at their own definite ideas about what they want in a house. Architects help homeowners think about how a building functions.

While it might be true that most Architects don’t want the small projects but go after the large ones, it is still not a justification to totally rule out an Architect when embarking on small projects. No architect would refuse your small project despite our search for large projects.

You do need an architect. I would write soon on why you need an architect on this blog. Click on the follow button so you don’t miss out on that piece when it is published.

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