A new beginning……

Posted: February 2, 2015 by Chynnie in Musings
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Happy new year and welcome to a new month. I know we are one month gone into 2015 so a happy new year doesn’t sound right, but it is my first time here this year so a very happy new year to you. Its amazing how i have had the most views in my absence, and WordPress says my blog is booming and i’m getting lots of traffic. That really is a motivating factor to keep blogging. You know how they say that progress motivates (use progress as a motivational force), that’s exactly what is happening right now, i’m being motivated by the progress that has been even in my absence. Thanks to all those who dropped by even in my long absence.

The ending part of last year was so consuming. I was working so hard and yet could hardly get things done, or rather completely done. I was busy all the time, hardly ever had time for me. Some say this is typical with Architects but that really sucks. I decided to take a break, not to rest though but to re – structure (if that sounds right). My goal being to be extremely effective this year, i really had to start the year right. The most of January i spent reading, i have read different kinds of books, blogs and what have you on being effective and productive and it’s been really interesting. The so many things i have learnt, the so many things i thought i was doing right, the realization of my set backs, the steps i have tried to put together to guide my goals this year………all these and more have been so interesting.

I am excited to be back, and would sure be frequent here, and of cause i didn’t actually take a break in Architecture, so i have quite a lot i have kept in stock to share with you. I hope its been a good year for you, and i hope you started right. If you didn’t, we are still in the beginning, haven’t gone far, so you can start afresh as well.

Have a fruitful and blessed week.


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