Continuous Effectivity

Posted: February 23, 2015 by Chynnie in Effectivity, Motivational Mondays, Musings
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Wow i’m back!

Its been interesting, its been refreshing……its been difficult, very difficult i mean. In my last post, i shared one of my goals for 2015 which was to be extremely effective. I have continuously worked towards being the most effective since January. I am not there yet but i just want to share.

So for starters, i have made it a habit to document everything. Everything includes every email, every call, i take notes all the time, every meeting. This sounds very simple right, and i’m sure doesn’t sound important at all. But this is probably the most important habit i have formed. I am trying to learn how to use Evernote…..i hear its a very good app and makes documenting easy, so i have it downloaded even on my phone. You should get it too, you would be amazed at the things this app would do for you and make your life easier.

Another important habit is writing everything down. Every plan, every item on my to-do-list, every assignment, This also sounds very simple. But its something i hardly ever did before now and i am still finding it difficult adjusting to this, but its been helpful in my goal at being very effective so must become compulsory for me. I used to keep everything in my head and really did think i would not forget all i had set out to do. The truth is writing this things down helps you plan better, you are seeing your plans right before you and at the end of each day you can easily carry over the ones you couldn’t achieve to the next day, i call them outstanding. This is really interesting for me because its made me about 60% more effective.

Everyone certainly has a goal or goals for 2015, i choose to call that long term goals. I have those as well and then i have monthly goals and i plan every week, every new week. This i believe will bring me closer to my desired target.

Today’s post is merely to inspire and to help you get more effective at whatever you have set out to do. Just always remember that when you fail to plan you have planed to fail woefully. I would certainly share more tips on being really effective, and its actually supposed to be very interesting because they are tips i am trying out myself.

Where are you now? What have you set out to achieve at the end of this month, by the end of February, by the end of 2015? Are you in line with your goals right now or have you deviated? Do you have action plans written down to bring you closer to your desired targets? Or better still do you have another method at being super effective that i could use to achieve my own goals? Please share.

You should try this at times – Turn off the TV. Limit your internet. Turn off the notifications on your phone. Eliminate everything that is unnecessary and not leading you to your ONE Thing. This was a homework to be smarter for one week from one of the podcast episode by Mark R. LePage on Entrepreneur Architect. I tried it, i still do, you should also do this often.

Have a very effective week.




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