Motivational Mondays #9

Posted: March 9, 2015 by Chynnie in Effectivity, Motivational Mondays
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So i’m back to my motivational Mondays. Saturday was my birthday and being that i had the whole weekend to me, spent all my time with family, rested, saw lots of movies, so much to eat and drink, no work at all……now i really don’t feel like resuming work today, i am not looking forward to the work ahead of me but of cos i have to gear up and get ready for the day. So i am going to share with you some tips i would be using to help manage my time in order to achieve an effective Monday and a great week ahead.

  1. Create a List – Before Monday comes along or at least early hours of Monday, you should make a list of the top three things you want to accomplish so you will have a goal in mind come the start of the work week. You can also create a plan on how best to achieve these things so you can start your Monday effortlessly.
  2. Adjust your E-mail Settings – This is a very tricky one. E-mail notifications do come in handy from time to time but they can also be a source of distraction for you especially when you have a hectic Monday schedule. Turning it off and only checking it during your break can help you focus on your work. Adding filter to your e-mail can save you from going through junk mail. The most effective people i know have times for checking emails, they don’t randomly check their mails, and they turn of every notification. I used to always think that this was so daft, but if you really need to focus and get things done…….make this a habit.
  3. Assign Tasks – If you are working with a team don’t forget to delegate tasks. Let your other teammates help you complete the project. I personally don’t know how to do this. I always feel like i can do everything myself and can complete every task. At the end of the day i still have so many task undone. Delegate task, and see each task on your to do list ticked off effortlessly…….and never forget to include deadlines.
  4. Prioritize – So you’ve created a list of things you should do on a Monday which is good way to start your day. However, you should also learn how to prioritize so you won’t waste time jumping from one task to the other without finishing them first.
  5. Keep a Record – If you really want to manage your time before hectic Monday arrives, keep a record of the things that you do within the day and see for yourself where you spend most of your time. It may be that you’re spending hours just checking your e-mail or your social media accounts. What you need to do is to change your habits so you can properly delegate your time according to your work needs. This is very important, i spend a lot of time on my social media accounts. It always starts with oh just 5 mins, and before i know it it 2 hours and counting, You know what i would have achieved in 2 hours? So keeping record of my time keeps me in check.

Try these tips today and through out this week and see your self more effective.




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