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Posted: March 13, 2015 by Chynnie in Musings, Trending Desings, Trending Thursdays
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I am starting a new series which i am calling Trending designs. We all know that everyday, there are new design features/ideas that can inspire our designs. It is good to be in the know of what is trending. I would share a design trend once a week (possibly on Thursdays – “Trending Thursdays”). I am hoping it would be interactive, you like or don’t like, would you use or not, is it lovely or not.

The first design trend i would be sharing with you today is the Trellis. I came across this first in 2012 or 2013. I was drafting a design for my boss and he used a trellis for a balcony, and i was like WTF is this (in my head of cos). I see it more often these days in so many designs and built projects as well. So what is a Trellis (that’s if you don’t know what i am talking about). A Trellis is a simple framework of vertical supports and horizontal crosspieces that is flat and usually trains plants — like shrubs, small or young trees or vines — to grow up and against an object. A trellis can be used as an accent piece in the garden or, when it fills in, as a privacy screen. Typically, a trellis is made of open framework, like lattice, so that plants can be supported or woven through.

images (5) 6

These days a Trellis is used in more interesting ways than just for training climbing plants. Its used mainly as a shading device in decks, patios, balconies, walkways, even in entry porches.

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Trellis is not limited to exterior spaces. It could also be used in interiors spaces. In interiors, you could use trellis basically for aesthetics in the ceiling or even on the wall. You could also use trellis in interiors to provide privacy while allowing natural light to come in easily. It can also be used to divide/separate a large space instead of using walls.

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I am sure you would agree with me that the trellis is really a beautiful design feature. However, i have my problems with it. The same problem i had from the very first day i came across it. When you have to use a trellis as a shading device (like in balconies, entry’s, patios, etc.), is it purely for aesthetic reasons, because i don’t see how functional a trellis is as a shadding device. Its not keeping away the sun, neither the rain, so why do we have to use this as a shading device. I think for every time you have to use a trellis as a “shading device”, it should be covered above with some sort of transparent material like the dampalon



This way you get the beautiful effect of seeing the sky why under a shading device, you see the beauty of wooden/metal frame work, you savor the patterns from the trellis play across the paving as the sun moves across the sky, without the effect of the harsh sun directly falling on you and can still use the space while its raining. Better still, covering up the trellis protects the wood or metal from the harsh weather and would last longer.

This is my own opinion anyway. What is yours? What do you think? Would you use this trellis design especially in interiors? Lets know in the comments below.

Have a lovely weekend people.


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  2. […] once wrote about the trellis trending (in case you didn’t read it, click here). The trellis trended this 2015, happening in most exterior sit-outs/balconies, both in residential […]


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