Motivational Mondays #10

Posted: March 16, 2015 by Chynniegal in Creativity tips, Design, Motivational Mondays
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Welcome back to work. Hope you had a good weekend, mine was stressful, thanks to the Mothers day celebration, t’was fun all the same. Today on Motivational Mondays, i bring you tips to increase your creativity. Without the constant applied heat of input or fuel, our creativity cools and reaction to our work goes from “Wow” to “Mmm, nice”. Those lukewarm compliments sounds soul-crushing. Karate master, Gichin Funakoshi stated that karate is like boiling water: Without constant heat it returns to its tepid state. Creativity is like that too, you have to keep the candle burning always, if not your creativity cools off.

Also, just as boiling water doesn’t cool down immediately without heat, our work doesn’t immediately suffer from a lack of input, but continuing to neglect seeking input will eventually take its toll. Also, never forget the idiom – “garbage in garbage out.” To keep your creativity at the boiling point, the input needs to be quality and diverse.

So, how amidst the daily hustle and bustle of our corporate lives can we continue to fuel our creativity?

1. Ask questions. Continually…….

Supposing is good, but finding out is better. – Mark Twain

images (14)Curiosity drives creativity. It’s curiosity that compels us to experiment and try new things and create unexpected solutions, so our curiosity must be constantly at the boiling point.

And be curious about ALL aspects of your job and your company, not just the deliverables coming out of your department. Do you know how the sales cycles work at your office? What push-backs do the sales force hear from potential clients? What’s the employee retention rate at your company? Questions like these and, more importantly, their solutions will make your work richer and more effective, make you a more valuable employee and open the door to some interesting projects.


2. Web based researchservices_online_tall1

Geography is no longer our master. – Austin Kleon

Cruising the web is the easiest way to fuel your creativity. HOW, Behance and Dribble and other online portfolios can all be scanned over your morning coffee. Set up inspiration boards on Pinterest and subscribe to one of the billions of blogs that deal in creativity. There are a lot of books to read online as well. If you work in a small office or alone, joining an online community can help! (Though keep in mind the “garbage-in, garbage-out” idiom. Cat videos on YouTube or facebooking, while fun, won’t necessarily help turn you into a creative powerhouse.)


3. Personal Projects

At one time or another you’ve probably created personal projects outside of work hours. Some are paid, some not. Some are for a good cause, and some are just to challenge you as an architect. A personal project gives you the freedom to experiment with new and more challenging techniques and ideas without worrying about failure or disappointing your boss or clients (especially when its not a paid project). True progress can only come with moving outside your comfort zone and challenging yourself, and paid jobs can be a risky area to push this so indulging in unpaid personal projects is important. As a consequence, it’s easy to relax into ‘safe’ mode in our regular day-to-day work and miss opportunities to improve and move forward.

4. Don’t take yourself too seriously

stop-taking-yourself-so-seriouslyThe most creative people have this childlike facility to play. – John Cleese

Do you have fun DOING your job? To unleash your creativity and regain a childlike sense of wonder through play – where anything is possible even for a short period of time – is when the magic happens. When you produce a great piece of work, people talk about the work – not your methods. Anyway, they already tend to think of us architects as a little odd, so what have you got to lose?




5. Playing with restrictions

league_of_legends_ranked_restrictions_620At times, some of the projects we work on in our day job can be less-than-inspiring. As designers, contrary to popular opinion, most of us work better with more – not fewer restrictions. If we didn’t, we would be fine artists in a garret pondering the meaning of life.

Spicing up a brief by adding your own restrictions will challenge your creativity. Try doing something out of the ordinary, go beyond the standards we have created as architects (like trying to design large windows in bathrooms 🙂 . This would challenge your creativity trying to make a restriction work.


Following these tips, you would certainly keep your creative mind burning. I hope this has inspired and motivated you.

Have a creative week ahead…….




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  1. OUN says:

    Good job, keep it up!


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