Myths #3 – I cant afford an Archiect

Posted: March 18, 2015 by Chynniegal in Architecture, Myths Vs Realities
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This is the general believe of most people – “Hiring an Architect is too expensive and i can’t afford one”. This myth is the most misunderstood myth of all time. Before you begin to believe this myth, please note that design is the one task on every project that stands to carry the most value for the entire project. The design can make or break the realization of the project. It could be really true that hiring an Architect is quite expensive and you are ready to build this dream home of yours, just before you think of hiring a builder or a contractor to design and build your dream home ask people before you who has gone through this same path. Its simply “penny wise, pound foolish”.

I have seen this happen several times. You unknowingly spend more money and more time when you don’t hire an architect. You see situations where a project is almost complete and you have to demolish and rebuild some areas due to design fail. At times substandard materials are used when you expected something better. I have seen people complain that the final outcome of their project turned out really bad and they want to redo some areas, then they come to an Architect for proper planning, why didn’t you involve an architect at the beginning…..simply because you felt you’ll be spending more by hiring one.

An architect will make your budget his or her best friend and will negotiate to get the best materials and the best workmanship for a good price. An architect is always abreast of all trending materials and knows how to get it for you at a good price. An architect will not only advocate for your budget but will also design to reduce the life costs of energy consumption and maintenance. They spend time planning to avoid costly changes during construction by anticipating problems and solving them before they are a problem. They can make sure bids for construction are based on exactly what the homeowner wanted and expected to get the best price.

Also, when you consider that the origination of just about every structure in the world is the direct result of an architect, planner or designer in some form or another, you realize that good planning and design is as important, and as integrated in the overall cost of a project as any other line item.

Don’t be deceived by the myth “Architects are very expensive, i cant use one”. Plan to use an Architect from the beginning and all through your project, you would never regret it. Look at the best projects, they are being Designed by Architects and don’t get the impression that Architects are only for large projects. This was discussed in my post Myths #2 – Architects are for large complex projects. You can also read Myths #1 – Architects make lots of money.






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