Motivational Mondays #11

Posted: April 20, 2015 by Chynniegal in Architecture, Careers, Motivational Mondays
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So this is a bit different from my usual motivational Mondays post. This is for aspiring Architects, those who intend to study Architecture and not sure what to expect. Someone actually inspired this post, his name is Bolaji. A very young boy who works with one of our brick layers on site. He comes very often on site and works hard, and if i see something not done rightly, its always him i call. He told me once that he wants to be an Architect like me, and just recently he sent me a message that he’s passed JAMB and he is going to study Architecture, but not sure what to expect since he really cant draw and doesn’t know much of maths. This is not the first time i am hearing this. Everybody expects that as an architect you should be able to draw well. We are Architects not Artist. I quite agree that knowing how to draw is a plus but not a necessity.

Before i go further i did a post Sketching in Architecture sometime ago. You should read it. So back to today’s post. No you don’t need to know how to draw perfectly. No you don’t need to be a mathematician. The passion you have for Architecture is enough to get you started. You certainly would do lots of free hand sketching in your first year but thats not training you to be an artist but simply getting you to know the basics of sketching. As an Architect, you must know how to sketch, we sketch very often, we communicate via sketches, sketching is the voice of an Architect, so you must know how to sketch. Don’t panic if you cant sketch just yet, sketching isn’t a gift, its a skill, meaning you would learn and would certainly get better. So you want to be an Architect and can’t draw, that’s not an excuse, go pursue that dream and become an Architect.

You suck at maths right? Don’t worry maths isn’t most peoples favourite so you ain’t alone. You certainly should be able to do some maths though, because you must take the maths and physics courses in your first year. Building structures, a compulsory course you must take most of your time in School of Architecture is purely mathematics. So yes you must study and pass maths. But don’t let that discourage you from studying Architecture if you don’t like maths, you might find it difficult if you hate maths but you don’t need that much mathematics to practice Architecture in the long run. So don’t give up cos of maths. I am going to do a post on Architecture and Mathematics very soon. You should learn much more on this then. Until then try to pass your Maths in School of Architecture.

For those of you who have gone through School of Architecture, please drop a few words on what you think about Maths in Architecture? Should this young aspiring architects fear that they would not do well because they do not know maths? Please drop your comments below.

Have a blessed week.

PS: I have been off this blog for more than a month. So many things happening at the same time. Promise to blog more often though.

  1. Young says:

    Great post. Architecture demands a lot-time,energy, financial resources and intellect as well as passion.

    Fear of maths is overcome by drive and vision of the architect you would become in future -at least it kept me and a few friends going.
    Having a maths tutor really helps if you’ve got one.Drawing /sketching helps as it enables communication between client and architect. Overall, the architect is the artist who is not an artist.

    Looking forward to your post on maths n architecture. Interesting it’ll be… Share some memories as well.


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