Motivational Mondays #12

Posted: April 27, 2015 by Chynniegal in Architecture, Motivational Mondays
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Do you ever think of participating in a design competition, be it local or international? Have you ever participated in any competitions? I know of some architects who have participated in design competitions but they are very few or probably i have not come across many architects who have participated in one. How many design competitions do we have in Nigeria? I know we have a lot of international competitions, what about locally? How often are they done?

I was actually drafting a different post for today when i took a break and logged into facebook. I stumbled upon a post which was a great motivation to me and i thought to share it here today to motivate you as well. A post by Jideofor Akubue who began a discussion on the relevance of Participating in Local or International Design Competitions. Jideofor is an Architect with Globarch associates and recently won an FCDA design competition here in Nigeria – The model NYSC camp for Abuja. His post is a wake up call to us all and if you have never thought about it then you should begin to seek and participate in design competitions. Read his motivating facebook posts below:

Still on the discussion of the relevance of Participating in Local or International Design Competitions. I still want to keep encouraging all young Architects. Recently Amadi Izuchukwu Magnus participated in the Helsinki design competition. Win or not, the experience prepares you for the bigger picture (which is the Nigerian market). All the experiences I gathered from international design competitions in the past are paying off here in Nigeria. Having participated in the UIA students completion and got no prize, it prepared me to produce better in the Fujian Museum competition where I was accepted by the team based on reference from my UIA presentation, we won first Prize too. The Urumqi Xinjiang Expo center competition followed suit and I was employed to work for a French firm in Shanghai based on reference from previous competitions and my firm NDA Shanghai won first prize then in 2008. Later followed the Dalian Democracy Square design completion, in which we won 2nd prize. Since coming home I’ve taken that competition experience to my work places in Nigeria. I won the first prize for the College of Education Umunze Master plan design competition back in 2010 while with Riccan Associates and currently with my Firm Globarch Associates. I’ve entered into the Abuja Market by winning the Prestigious FCDA Design Completion for the Model NYSC Orientation camp in Abuja. See, that earlier individual experience keeps opening doors and also enriches the design abilities to win more prices and Project commissions. I’m glad the Procurement system now in Nigeria has started utilizing transparent Design Competitions and Jury Systems like the FCDA does… That means more hope for vibrant architects who are willing to challenge and demonstrate. I will paste a few of the design sheets for more education on presenting design competition works for interested scholars and young architects like me in this forum. Cheers

You see the so many opportunities he’s gotten for himself just by participating, not even winning most of them. This is really motivating. Apart from opening doors for you, it enriches your design abilities as he has rightly said. Big ups to him. Although this competition he has just won is a cooperate one, there are also individual design competitions out there.

See below pictures of his recently won competition – The model NYSC camp for Abuja (Click on picture for a larger view):


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