Motivational Mondays #13

Posted: June 1, 2015 by Chynniegal in Motivational Mondays
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Its a new month, not just any month but the last month of the first half of 2015. What have you achieved so far? How close are you to your goals for 2015? Have you followed your action plans accordingly? It is important that we review our lives and progress time after time, this actually helps you grow. When you are able to determine how far you have gone, you are able to know what your obstacles have been, what held you back and write down more action plans or adjust existing to help you move closer to your goals for 2015. Remember, these goals must not just be financial, or business goals… could also be spiritual goals, relationship goals etc. Are you where you planned to be? If yes kudos, continue to forge ahead because there is nothing sweeter than knowing that you have gone past your goal at the end of the year. If No, its not late at all, make more plans as to getting closer to your goals. As for me, my answer is No, i am still very far from my goals for 2015 and we are in June already……wow. Not funny, i know. I’m blamming it on the elections and the country as a whole but its typical of me to have so many excuses. So no more excuses……i am re-strategizing, i must get closer to my goals in the coming months.

Now back to Motivational Mondays……… last post Architects versus Interior designers spurred lots of comments from mainly my friends though. They sent messages on my bbm, facebook, even twitter (please you guys be commenting here oh and not sending me personal messages. Other people need to hear what you think). So many people felt the post was controversial, some felt i was fighting for supremacy, others felt i was biased…….oh well some others loved the post. In that post, i wasn’t trying to rule out the role of the interior designer, i just wanted to understand their role for i know mine.

I love the comment made by Okor, Emmanuel. B, and that is what i have decided to share with you today hoping its going to motivate you as an Architect. Its a long comment but please read to the end. Everything he has said, i agree with and its going to get you thinking like it did me.

Dear Chinenye, having read your observations made at the interior design exhibition at the Federal Palace Hotel recently, left me pondering on a number of obvious reasons. Quite frankly, though I stand to be corrected, we’ve failed grossly in taking that lead role in the construction industry these past few years.
Our profession over time unfortunately, had been largely politicised; loosing sight of our true essence & purpose in the industry. Today, if you visit a neighbouring site & ask even the artisans, talk less the regular guy on the street; the role he expects of an architect as against the engineer, you’d simply be amazed by his or her response. If you don’t make it clear from the on-set with regards your area of designation, he may even address you as the site engineer simply because they’re seen as problem solvers in practical terms.
It may even shock you to realise that we aren’t truly understood by the populace as we’ve failed to exert our authority as the, “PRIMUS INTERPARES” (The first among equals) even among our partners… Why..?! While others have tirelessly sought ways at re branding themselves, bringing about some form of control in their practice; we on the other hand haven’t sensitised the public effectively on what we bring to the table as professionals. It goes beyond seating on our high horses as professionals & securing commissions from govt mostly (Our chief client). The cliché being; we need to be heard & possibly felt by others too. People should know what they’re paying for with some realistic guidelines in place.
The role of selling yourself this 21st century through various marketing tools becomes expedient to stamp your authority by what ever means necessary. Your client may not conceptualise or even know what he truly wants, except through a psychoanalysis probably by you. Our training at school then remains crucial; separating us from others who seek greener pastures in our trade.
I’ve seen non architects (Graduates & non graduates) take up various design softwares, brush themselves up & secure commissions simply because their hunger for increased opportunities allows them adapt to trend. Many of us are guilty of that & indeed refuse change or upgrade. They say its ethically wrong to showcase our works but come to think of it, who designs those great edifices the realtors sell to prospective buyers seen everywhere. No body hears of you except on signages at the construction site. Engineers discuss & even showcase inovative & groundbreaking achievements adopted in realising an architectural masterpiece yet, the architect shouldn’t do likewise.
Gladly, things seem to have turned around with the parent body as there’s this wind of change I see through the issuance of seals, stamps & numbers (Identifying the architect) which brings to bare his roots. Ignoring this recent attempts over the years, led to these flaws which must be brought to the common man via public notice or possibly televised by those on the corridors of power.
With regards the exhibition you witnessed, it could be insulting to seat & listen to a lecture on how the architect has failed to translate the aspirations of his clients into reality but mind you, even non architects alter our designs (interior/ exterior) in an attempt to save cost (Eliminating us in the equation) & engaging a builder/ an interior designer if he/ she can afford one in trying out their design sense which in most cases boomerangs.
It should be seen criminal, particularly if there are developmental control agencies in place with refusal to under go the needed due processes by the client at securing approvals. Now, as you maybe aware, its an offence for a builder lacking the qualifications to build beyond a storey with the likelyhood of him/ her loosing the acquired land to govt in the event of a building collapse. Till we look at ways at controlling & protecting our noble profession/ work terrain, our profession would serially be trampled upon by even some quacks that claim some level knowledge with the will to.

What do you think? Do you agree with him too? Lets comment here in the comment section below, and not on my bbm or facebook dm or twitter dm…….lol.

Happy new month people.

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  1. kene says:

    “Remember these goals must not just b financial and business goals, it could also b SPIRITUAL or relatioship goals”….tnks much

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