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Posted: December 31, 2015 by Chynniegal in Architecture, Design, Trending Desings
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Its been ages i did a post here. Keeping up with this blog is sincerly difficult, how do you guys who blog do this? Today being the last day of 2015, i decided to write on designs i think trended the most this 2015. We saw a lot of designs trend, some would actually stay and trend more in 2016, some would fade away.

I once wrote about the trellis trending (in case you didn’t read it, click here). The trellis trended this 2015, happening in most exterior sit-outs/balconies, both in residential and commercial buildings. I still see this trending in 2016.


We saw bold colors trend this year, colors you wouldn’t dream of using 3 years back were boldly used both in interiors, exteriors and also boldly used in furnitures.rubyredroom


Wall papers came back in a big way this 2015, everyone seemed to want to use the wall paper. We saw people using wall papers in living rooms, bedrooms and even bathrooms. Some people used wall papers on all walls in a space and those not so confident, used on one or two walls.


Wall decals trended a bit this 2015…..i see this trending more in 2016. Some people call it wall stickers or wall tattoos. A bit like wall paper but with more character.

We saw architects and designers adopting the minimalist architecture and ditching classic architecture both in exteriors and interiors. Everyone seemed to be agreeing with Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s “Less is more”.


A lot of interior fixtures seemed to have cut crystals. I personally didn’t like this, especially in light fixtures but i saw this trending in 2015. Might probably still trend in 2016.


These are a few trends this 2015. The trend i loved the most which i see it trending more in 2016 is “The kitchen island”. This was a trending design this 2015. I am sure this isn’t new to any architect, you must have come across it one way or the other even if its only on the Internet or some magazine. I say this is a trending design because we are having many of our Nigerian women and even men requesting for this in their new kitchen designs or home remodels. I personally cannot see myself designing a kitchen without including a kitchen island.  The kitchen island is a trending design and it has come to stay…….for a very long time. They are just so beautiful and highly functional. There is no limit to its functionality, you can decide what you want to use yours for, there are no rules to follow, its simply awesome. Apart from its so many functionality, it can also make a strong visual focal point whatever you have decided it would be used for.

The kitchen island is as it sounds to the ears – an island in the kitchen. Its an elegant solution to the problem of finding usable workspace in a typical kitchen. The kitchen feels more complete and fun to work in with an island. Like i said earlier, there are no rules to designing one, it could come in any shape, height, size and for any purpose whatsoever.

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Which trends did you love the most this 2015. What do you think trended the most in 2015. Which designs do you think would trend in 2016.

See you all in 2016.



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  1. Hassan Anifowose says:

    thanks for being our great friend on the Chronos Studeos Blog in 2015. we look forward to being even more friends in 2016..!
    Good write always..!


  2. @CHYNNIEGAL: Lol*Hehehehe*When you asked how we that blog keep up with our blog updates?!! It’s simple;the same reason why you started this blog & came back to post this article;passion;dedication & the need to share your unique point of view on architecture(mine has extra areas of creative interest)*winks winks*Keep it up & sometimes jot down random titles then repeat the cycle it keeps me on my toes.
    You & @HASSAN always remind me,that’s more to #architecture than just sketching,drawing or visualising,it’s our ability to express our thoughts in words like poetry…#iLoveArchitecture…


    • Chynnie says:

      I really dont know why i am actually just reading this now……probably cos i aint been here like forever, but thanks a lot for this comment. You have just given me a reason to bounce back and keep doing what i actually love doing no matter the circumstances. Thanks a lot.


  3. BETH says:

    I have not seen one of your entries for a long time. I am not sure what happened that they did not come to me even though I was subscribed, but this one came today and I hope you are continuing to do what you do best.


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