Posted: February 2, 2017 by Chynnie in #ArchiTalks, Musings
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I cant believe i have been away for sooooooo long. Its exactly a year, a month and 2 days i last did a post here. Wow, thats long, thats like forever, that is 379 days, that is 58 weeks….this is unbelievable. Thanks to my constantly procrastinating being busy. Oh well, i know you missed me, trust me i missed you too. So in December 2015, which was the last time i did a post here, i had about 229 likes on my facebook page, and as at this moment i have 1137 likes. A big thank you for liking my page even when i wasn’t blogging at all. But yes, i am back, yeeaaahhhh. I am much excited and i am hoping you are excited as well.I am gonna keep you hooked to this blog this year……so stay tuned.

What have i been up to? A whole lot, and some very interesting projects. Projects where i had to deal with lots of people, contractors and subcontractors. Architecture is actually interesting although very time consuming, also very fulfilling, especially those moments when a project comes to life, after the long hours of designing, client finally approving design, the constant fights with contractors and majorly subcontractors……and then the building finally emerges as have imagined or even better than imagined. Then the interior process begins, space layouts, material selections, the final finishes……this is really interesting. And then when you are done, you have to hand over, that part…..i kinda always have mixed feelings. I really am gonna miss that project especially after a job well done, but of cos, it belongs to the owner – the client and you have to let go. Its almost like giving up your baby, but then the excitement of the client, the smiles and happy faces and there you are in you mind…..oh yes i did it, and you happily hand over. Yes, Architecture is bliss.

Permit my musings. I am sure you can relate if you love Architecture. So this year, i don’t know what we will be talking about, but i know its sure gonna be fun. Follow my blog, like my facebook page, follow me on twitter, just so you don’t miss out on any of my post, and also don’t forget to leave your comments below after each post. Lets make it fun.  Ask your friends to come in here too.

See you soon.



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