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Posted: February 2, 2017 by Chynnie in #ArchiTalks, Musings
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I cant believe i have been away for sooooooo long. Its exactly a year, a month and 2 days i last did a post here. Wow, thats long, thats like forever, that is 379 days, that is 58 weeks….this is unbelievable. Thanks to my constantly procrastinating being busy. Oh well, i know you missed me, trust me i missed you too. So in December 2015, which was the last time i did a post here, i had about 229 likes on my facebook page, and as at this moment i have 1137 likes. Continue reading


If you are active on twitter and follow Architects who maintain Architecture blogs like Bob Borson of and Enoch Sears of, you would have noticed sometime last week a trend in the hash tag #ArchiTalks. The topic was Storytelling in Architecture, or that’s my own topic because they all had their different topics. I am not actually gonna write on this today, i would eventually…….or might not, because after reading from all the links i am going to share today, i am sure there would be nothing new to learn from me. Continue reading