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Posted: February 2, 2017 by Chynnie in #ArchiTalks, Musings
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I cant believe i have been away for sooooooo long. Its exactly a year, a month and 2 days i last did a post here. Wow, thats long, thats like forever, that is 379 days, that is 58 weeks….this is unbelievable. Thanks to my constantly procrastinating being busy. Oh well, i know you missed me, trust me i missed you too. So in December 2015, which was the last time i did a post here, i had about 229 likes on my facebook page, and as at this moment i have 1137 likes. Continue reading



Its August already!. I feel like the year is going so fast. Still so much to do, so little achieved. In the spirit of the new month i want to drop a few words to architects who for one reason or another is loosing motivation and is wanting to give up and quit. Architecture is difficult. Architecture is demanding. The long hours without control of your personal schedules, the low income despite the amount of time and energy put into this practice, the expensive and time-consuming educational and licensing requirements…..the list could go on and on. All these and more is enough to get your motivation to practice architecture crashing.  Continue reading


Anyone you ask would tell you that Architects do lots of drawings. Yes this is true but the misconception here is that most people really do think that is all we do – just drawings. This is what i want to clarify in this post. We do a whole lot more than just draw. So what do Architects do? Continue reading

Motivational Mondays #13

Posted: June 1, 2015 by Chynniegal in Motivational Mondays
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Its a new month, not just any month but the last month of the first half of 2015. What have you achieved so far? How close are you to your goals for 2015? Have you followed your action plans accordingly? It is important that we review our lives and progress time after time, this actually helps you grow. When you are able to determine how far you have gone, you are able to know what your obstacles have been, what held you back and write down more action plans or adjust existing to help you move closer to your goals for 2015. Remember, these goals must not just be financial, or business goals… could also be spiritual goals, relationship goals etc. Are you where you planned to be? Continue reading



This is the general believe of most people – “Hiring an Architect is too expensive and i can’t afford one”. This myth is the most misunderstood myth of all time. Before you begin to believe this myth, please note that design is the one task on every project that stands to carry the most value for the entire project. The design can make or break the realization of the project. It could be really true that hiring an Architect is quite expensive and you are ready to build this dream home of yours, just before you think of hiring a builder or a contractor to design and build your dream home Continue reading

If you are active on twitter and follow Architects who maintain Architecture blogs like Bob Borson of and Enoch Sears of, you would have noticed sometime last week a trend in the hash tag #ArchiTalks. The topic was Storytelling in Architecture, or that’s my own topic because they all had their different topics. I am not actually gonna write on this today, i would eventually…….or might not, because after reading from all the links i am going to share today, i am sure there would be nothing new to learn from me. Continue reading