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Welcome to a new week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend and at least rested. Today i am bringing back our usual motivational Monday posts where i post inspiring quotes simply to make our week a little easier and motivate us to work better. I have selected a few quotes for us today from notable architects and designers, hopefully this would be inspiring enough……. Continue reading


Motivational Mondays #6

Posted: November 10, 2014 by Chynnie in Motivational Mondays
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I haven’t published any post in about two weeks. Part of the reason being that i lost a dear Uncle. Today is the beginning of a new week – Monday, thus my weekly Monday motivations where i select quotes by great architects to inspire you through the week.

This Monday i am dishing out this quotes to you today from notable architects mainly because i personally relate with them. I hope you can too. This quotes would make you appreciate and love Architecture more and remind you why Architecture is one of the best jobs in the world. Continue reading

Being the best at what we do

Posted: October 16, 2014 by Chynnie in Opinions
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Every Architect strives to be good in various ways. Every Architect has different skills in which we build in order to be better at what we do. Our basic skill being to design, (which should be more of a passion for Architects). We build up several other skills ranging from CAD abilities, building construction, construction drawings, project management etc. These skills we would say are also basic skills of an Architect. Apart from these skills, it is generally known that Architects work really hard, and to be successful as an architect, you have to work hard and be very dedicated, you have to be really creative and smart, you have to be passionate about Architecture, you have to always improve your skills and also be a people person, that is a very likable person. All these should help in being really good at what we do.

But how about being the best at what we do? Continue reading