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Who I am, Why i’m here…

Posted: September 15, 2014 by Chynnie in Musings
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I am an Architect as you all know already and i am actually here to share my experiences as an Architect. I definitely would talk about lots of challenges i face daily of which they are a lot. We learn every new day, so i would also talk about new ideas, new findings etc. I also want to use this medium to reach other Architects and hear their own experiences as an Architect.

Truthfully, right now i cant think of any specific topic i would write about but i know its gonna come as the days goes by based on my daily activities. I want to connect with other Architects out there or just that person who understands who an Architect is.

p.s: blogging101 – This was quite difficult for me, it shouldn’t be right? Anyway, here is my first assignment and i also enrolled for writing101.