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Posted: February 2, 2017 by Chynnie in #ArchiTalks, Musings
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I cant believe i have been away for sooooooo long. Its exactly a year, a month and 2 days i last did a post here. Wow, thats long, thats like forever, that is 379 days, that is 58 weeks….this is unbelievable. Thanks to my constantly procrastinating being busy. Oh well, i know you missed me, trust me i missed you too. So in December 2015, which was the last time i did a post here, i had about 229 likes on my facebook page, and as at this moment i have 1137 likes. Continue reading


Unlocking the mind

Posted: September 15, 2014 by Chynnie in Musings
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This is actually my first attempt at blogging, meaning my first attempt at writing publicly too. I have lots of things i scribble here and there but never been out there for someone else to read. I have been wanting to do this for a very long time, but firstly i couldn’t come up with a name for my blog. I wanted to blog on architecture and i named the blog Every single person i mentioned it to hated the name, that was so depressing and discouraging…..this happened a year ago. Now thanks to my dear friend, Peju Oyekola, the fact that she has always wanted an online magazine and began almost immediately she thought about it challenged me……her blogazine as she calls it is, quite interesting indeed, you should check it out. Anyway i realized its been more than a year i had been procrastinating and then i decided to just start……and here i am starting.

I named this a diary basically to write about my life as an Architect, my challenges, projects and anything interesting. I also opened a website –, which i am still setting up. I intend for it to be a site for Architects to come for information and inspiration. My focus would be on the African Architect and would explore African Architecture but not limited to it. So i would be blogging here and on my website too. I am excited i have done this, been wanting to do this for a long time now.

Here on An Architects diary, i would also discuss issues i have with different projects and site works as well, i might go personal at times, but i think this is gonna be really interesting, both for me and for you.

With this new beginning, i have also decided to put a stop to my habit of procrastinating, i am a master at it. I hear it’s typical with Architects but it really shouldn’t be. This is my new beginning……enjoy every read.

p.s:  This is actually a test to free-write for twenty minutes and publish. Didn’t think i would be able to but i did. Writing 101: Unlock the mind.