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Building collapse at the Synagogue Church of all Nation, Nigeria.

Building collapse has been a reoccurring issue in Nigeria. The trend pattern is on the increase now compared to the trends some 30 years back. This is because there have been about 60 recorded cases over the last 13 years as compared to about 80 recorded cases over the past 39 years as presented by Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB). This is a rather alarming statistic, considering alongside that many building collapses would have passed the statistician’s knowledge.

If you follow the news in Nigeria, the most recent building collapse was on Friday September 12th 2014, a 3-floor Synagogue building which  was under construction to become 6 floors, collapsed, killing 40 people, leaving 123 injured (still counting) at T.B Joshua‘s Synagogue Church of all Nations in Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria. It was a very tragic incident. The collapsed building was a guest house, people were living in it and work was going on as well. Construction as large as converting a 3-storey building to a 6-storey building in progress, and there were occupants in same building. How unthoughtful. Continue reading