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Its another Monday. Another week, another chance to be amazing. I feel like i am speaking to myself actually, considering i didn’t achieve much last week, i didn’t publish any post here either. So this is to an amazing week…. Continue reading


motivationHi people, I have included a new page in my blog……Motivational Mondays. Its simply going to be just quotes, to motivate/inspire you for every new week. We all know how Mondays could be, just after the weekend (that’s if you really did have a weekend). So every Monday morning, come in here for a little motivation for the new week.

My first post on Motivational Mondays, quite simple but motivating…….

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Nigeria is 54 years old today. We gained our independence in 1960 and here we are today. We’ve gone a long way right… i have decided to see how far my country has really gone, Architecturally of course. This post is going to be mostly pictures, beginning with Nigeria as it were in 1960 and Nigeria as it is now in 2014.

Let the pictures tell the stories:

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I recently had to do a simple residential design (a 5 bedroom bungalow) and i went straight ahead to my laptop to design a floor plan, moreover it was just a simple bungalow design. At some point i wasn’t satisfied with the fluidity of my floor plan, i kept on re-positioning spaces, deleting walls etc, yet i didn’t get my desired result. Then i shut down my system, picked up a paper and a pen and started sketching. After a number of sketches i got my desired result. This got me wondering how little i sketch and as an Architect i think i should sketch more often.

How important is it really for an Architect to sketch? Continue reading

Few days ago i wrote a post on building collapse following the recent case of the collapsed building in the Synagogue church of all nation, and i asked a question; Who is to blame? According to the news now, casualties have risen to about 90 and the South African government claims that the casualties are more than a 100 (excluding the injured). This is sad, really sad, and now i beg to ask – Where do we go from here? Are we going to continue having cases like this? What do we all need to do? When i say we i mean all the professionals in the building industry, the government, the client and you who know nothing about the building industry. Yes you, because this concerns us all. No need for blames now, the deed is been done, people have died……Where do we go from here?

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Building collapse at the Synagogue Church of all Nation, Nigeria.

Building collapse has been a reoccurring issue in Nigeria. The trend pattern is on the increase now compared to the trends some 30 years back. This is because there have been about 60 recorded cases over the last 13 years as compared to about 80 recorded cases over the past 39 years as presented by Nigerian Institute of Builders (NIOB). This is a rather alarming statistic, considering alongside that many building collapses would have passed the statistician’s knowledge.

If you follow the news in Nigeria, the most recent building collapse was on Friday September 12th 2014, a 3-floor Synagogue building which  was under construction to become 6 floors, collapsed, killing 40 people, leaving 123 injured (still counting) at T.B Joshua‘s Synagogue Church of all Nations in Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria. It was a very tragic incident. The collapsed building was a guest house, people were living in it and work was going on as well. Construction as large as converting a 3-storey building to a 6-storey building in progress, and there were occupants in same building. How unthoughtful. Continue reading