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I am an Architect

Posted: October 6, 2014 by Chynnie in Uncategorized
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This is actually an attempt to get you to relax, especially Architects who have bluntly refused to rest today.  I found these videos online and i loved them. Laughed all through, especially the second video which is a rap battle between the Architect and the contractor. I think the Architect won, maybe i am biased because i am an Architect, but you really need to watch these videos below.

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Its a public holiday today and tomorrow, thanks to the Sallah break. Before i forget my manners, Happy Eid-El Kabir to all my Muslim friends and Muslim Architects. I saw lots of rams being slaughtered on Saturday, didn’t get to taste any though.

So its a Monday today, and as promised my weekly motivational posts. I am sure most Architects would be working today despite the holiday. We sure do work really hard. My post today might not seem acceptable because you probably have deigns to finish, lots of works pilled up on your desk, etc, but i intend to motivate you to take some time out today and rest…..yeah i know, you’ve deadlines. Continue reading

Architecture and Music

Posted: September 19, 2014 by Chynnie in Architecture
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I am yet to meet that Architect who doesn’t love music. Its typical of us Architects to listen to music, especially while we work. This is a habit we all built from the studio back in school of Architecture, where we could be for about 12 straight hours or more, sometimes for days trying to meet jury deadlines. Music was such an integral part of the studio, and i can say is an integral part of every architects life. I think it was the music we played in the studio that kept us sane. I also think music helps us focus on concepts in our design, at least it does for me. I find it hard to got through the design process without music, and the music varies from jazz, rhythms and blues, hip-hop, rock (i love rock), etc. The music i listen to depends on which stage of the design process i am in at that point, and when i am not designing, the music i listen to depend on my mood. I have different playlist for this different moments.

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Who I am, Why i’m here…

Posted: September 15, 2014 by Chynnie in Musings
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I am an Architect as you all know already and i am actually here to share my experiences as an Architect. I definitely would talk about lots of challenges i face daily of which they are a lot. We learn every new day, so i would also talk about new ideas, new findings etc. I also want to use this medium to reach other Architects and hear their own experiences as an Architect.

Truthfully, right now i cant think of any specific topic i would write about but i know its gonna come as the days goes by based on my daily activities. I want to connect with other Architects out there or just that person who understands who an Architect is.

p.s: blogging101 – This was quite difficult for me, it shouldn’t be right? Anyway, here is my first assignment and i also enrolled for writing101.